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Dongguan City Shichuan Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established on May 1, 2008,Located in Dongguan City town of Qingxi。The main processing products are:Portable machine、Industrial chassis、KYM、Industrial display、Integrated workstations and industrial control parts such as shell processing,Products are widely used in electric power、telecommunications、traffic、Net security、Military、Monitoring and other fields。The company will sheet metal processing and CNC machining integration,With a professional appearance of structural design engineers 5,To provide customers with product appearance solutions,In design、Manufacturing the various stages for customers to achieve the appropriate cost of the market and high-quality products。
  HPower Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 1, 2017,Established in the Asian financial center of Hong Kong,HPower  Technology Co., Ltd. under the Dongguan City-World Hardware Products Co., Ltd.,Mainly for foreign trade customer groups set up business center。

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